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We’re thrilled to see all the girls’ excited faces on the first day of session. You might be wondering what to expect this summer, we've got you covered!

ALA Texas Girls State will be held at Texas Lutheran University in Seguin, Texas from June 18-24, 2023.  Registration is open through May 1, 2023.  There is no application process to attend.  All delegates must be sponsored by an American Legion Auxiliary local unit or a high school.  If you are interested in sponsoring a delegate or attending ALA Texas Girls State, please email us at

For more information, please download the 2023 ALA Texas Girls State Information and Registration Instructions below:


Our purpose is to teach you the fundamentals of government and instill in you a more earnest desire to be an interested citizen of our state and nation. At Girls State, you will be called a “citizen.” You will establish your own city, county and state government and will serve as a member of the House of Representatives or Senate. You will be assigned to a political party – “National” or “Federal” – but, it is important to note, these parties are purely mythical and used solely for educational purposes. You and your fellow citizens will determine your party’s platform. The Girls State program is non-partisan and free from propaganda. The Education Staff, Counselors, and Directors in charge of the program are all former citizens of Texas Girls State. Staff are in constant attendance, and no one is allowed to leave the grounds of Texas Lutheran University.

What to Bring


• Clothing suitable for hot summer weather and sufficient for 7 days as laundry facilities are not

available: comfortable shoes, summer dresses, shorts outfits, pajamas, robe, raincoat, shower shoes (or flip flops). Cropped tops are not permitted.

• Dresses or business casual outfits are appropriate for guest speakers and other special activities.

Approximately 2 should be sufficient. Please bring clothes hangers.

• Lightweight jacket, sweater, sweatshirt as some of the indoor facilities are cold.

• Optional time for jogging and/or walking is allotted as a part of morning activities, so bring exercise clothes and appropriate shoes. There are no other athletic activities.

• Toiletries: hand soap, bodywash, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, sunscreen, feminine hygiene products, blowdryer, etc

• Any over the counter medications you take regularly

• Pillow, pillowcase, twinXL-size sheets or sleeping bag, blanket, bath towels and washcloths

• Backpack/tote bag, water bottle

• Note-taking materials (paper, pens, highlighters, sticky notes, etc.)

• Quotation books or other resources for speech writing



• Blank poster board, butcher paper, construction paper, or markers may be brought to make election campaign materials. Campaign materials and essentials may also be purchased in the Girls State Gift Shop. DO NOT bring prepared campaign materials.

• Bring any costumes, small musical instruments, music and/or other materials necessary to perform if you wish to audition for the entertainment nights. Trumpeters for reveille and taps may be needed. If you qualify, please bring your trumpet.

• Spending money – you may wish to bring a small amount of money in order to purchase items in the Girls State Gift Shop (t-shirts, sweatshirts, toiletry articles, snacks, campaign materials, graduation cords). $100 – $120 is more than sufficient (see paragraph below re: Girls State Bank). The Girls State Gift Shop will also accept credit cards.

COVID-19 Protocal


Who participates in Texas Girls State?

Girls State citizens are made up of excellent high school students from across the state. Girls are selected to participate based on nominations by their own high school faculty or staff. Eligibility is limited to any girl in her junior – or third – year of any Texas senior high school whether public, private or parochial. Fundamental qualifications of all nominees are demonstrated accomplishments of leadership, citizenship and character in their schools and community.

What are the benefits of attending?

Some of the greatest benefits of Texas Bluebonnet Girls State are those gifts that come from forming new, life-long friendships, learning about civic responsibility, performing community service and becoming empowered young women. The empowerment that citizens gain from Texas Bluebonnet Girls State comes through community, education and achieving goals through practicing our American Democratic process. Want to read what past citizens have gotten from the program? Read more here.

How can I go to Girls Nation?

Two citizens from the 2022 session of ALA Texas Girls State will be selected to attend ALA Girls Nation in Washington DC. To be eligible to attend ALA Girls Nation, you must be able to clear a background check by the United States government, the White House and the U.S. Secret Service. You will be required to provide proof that you are a United States citizen or legal inhabitant of the United States such as a current and/or valid birth certificate, visa, passport, Green Card or other United States government-issued documentation verifying a legal presence in the United States.

How do you select your staff?

The administrative staff and counselors in charge of the program are well-trained and experienced leaders of young women. They are women of high ideals who are recognized as being responsible persons in their respective communities. The Girls State Committee is the policy-making body of Girls State. The four members are appointed by the President of the American Legion Auxiliary from its membership. The Department President and the committee select the Director who is responsible for the administration of the policies set forth by the committee. Counselors and staff members are unpaid volunteers.

Are there questions you have that aren't answered above? Let us know what's on your mind on our contact page!

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