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Get ready for a look into the day of a citizen at Girls State! You can discover details for each day of our program below

Upon their arrival at Girls State, citizens are divided into “cities”, “parties”, and legislative chambers. In their cities they elect officials such as a mayor, treasurer and city commissioners. Citizens also learn about government procedures on a county and then state level. The political “parties”, the National and the Federal, do not reflect the two major political parties in today’s system, but allow citizens to gain special knowledge and insight into how government works. Citizens are also placed into legislative chambers, the Senate and the House of Representatives, where they introduce, debate, and vote on bills. The session culminates in an election for governor during which campaigns are waged, speeches prepared and presented, ballots cast and votes counted.

Schedule Overview


The Girl’s State schedule is active: throughout the day citizens will attend educational assemblies and lectures, they will have time to write bills, prepare debate, meet with their cities, and file for office, many days will end by electing officials. Citizens will also be present at flag raising and lowering.

Sunday: Arrival/Introduction
Monday: City Day
Tuesday: Political Party Day
Wednesday: Primary Day
Thursday: General Election Day
Friday: Inauguration Day 
Saturday: Conclusion/Departure

Interested in learning more about what goes on each day of the Girls State session? Follow along as we update you on the Bluebonnet Blog:

Frances Goff
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