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Arrival Day

On June 19, 2022 staff and citizens kicked off the 78th session of Texas Bluebonnet Girls State and what a triumphant return it was. After two years of Virtual Sessions, Texas Girls State resumed in person and welcomed over 500 citizens. The citizens were greeted by smiling staff and caring counselors, as everyone was thrilled to be back in person for the first time since 2019.

On arrival day, Director of Texas Bluebonnet Girls State, Lori Swann noted the importance of being back in person. “For the last two years our staff has worked to bring our Girls State magic to our virtual sessions. This year, they traveled from all over the state and country to educate young women on the importance of their involvement in their local and state government - you can feel the excitement in the air. It's inspiring to be here and it so good to be back.”

Along with Lori, many past citizens wanted to share their words of encouragement with the girls joining us for the 2022 session:

"Don't be afraid to speak up, put yourself out there, and make new friends." - Aniya

"Run for something! Even if you lose, it's a great experience." - Rebecca

"Keep an open mind! By the end of the week your life will be transformed!" - Alexis

"Put yourself out there, you never know what great things could happen" - Lauryn

"Lean in! You only get to have your GS experience once, so go for it!" - Kate

"Dive in - all the way in! It's the only way to get the full experience!" - Karlene

From the Valley, to the panhandle, to Galveston, and everywhere in between, citizens came from far and wide. They will be spending the week learning about city, county, and state government, what constitutes a political party, and the legislative process. Stay tuned here on the Bluebonnet for more information and updates as the wonderful week at Girls State continues!

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