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Arrival Day

From the top of the panhandle, all the way down to the Rio Grande, on June 18 almost 600 young women arrived deep in the heart of Texas for the 79th session of Texas Bluebonnet Girls State.

Upon arrival, the citizens were met by nearly 100 staff members who traveled from all over the country to welcome them and kickoff their education of the duties, privileges, and rights of American citizenship. Girls State Citizens will spend the week writing legislation, debating with their fellow representatives and senators, and serving the mythical 51st state to the fullest of their abilities.

We asked our new Citizens how they were feeling on their first day and while "nervous" was the number one answer, across the board citizens had high expectations for the 79th session. Valencia Bustamante from City G noted that she was feeling very welcomed and was loving the energy of her fellow citizens.

"More than anything I just want to create lasting friendships. I've heard the people that come to Girls State are unlike the friends you make anywhere else. We’re here for a reason." - Anna Biggins, City I

Anisha Gupta from City B added that she feels exhilarated and has an overwhelming feeling to get to know everyone.

Lastly, Ryleigh Loveless from City J said that she felt nervous because she didn't know anyone but took a moment to think about this week would bring. "I don't know what to expect but I know that this will help me prosper and it will be an experience to remember."

Welcome to the 79th session of #TBGS2023!

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