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General Election Day

From the moment the citizens and staff woke up, the campus buzzed with anticipation for election night. Citizens sang their city and party songs every chance that they could, and everyone felt the Girls State spirit.

Today the House heard arguments relating to a constitutional amendment that would require all state and city officials to complete implicit bias training before assuming office. Across the hall in the Senate chamber, a bill was introduced relating to a tax incentive for stores that carry more inclusive women’s clothing in the sizes of XXS to 4XL.

The citizens then assembled to hear the party platforms and State candidates before voting commenced later in the evening. Each candidate spoke passionately about their commitment to the 51st state, and we spoke to both parties in the running for General Land Commissioner.

When asked about her experience, the Federalist nominee Sarah Anglin said that it was incredible. “As I read my speech, I could see the support from the people in the audience and how engaged they were in what I was saying.” She concluded that “so many qualified candidates spoke to me as equals and I hope to instill this same feeling of inclusion in others.”

Nationalist nominee Amani Ansari ran for office not once, not twice, but five times before landing a nomination and speaking to the entire State. “Experiencing elections, both running and voting, is incredibly rewarding and informative.” Ansari concluded by perfectly summarizing what it means to run for office at Texas Bluebonnet Girls State.

“Nowhere else do we support each other with such selfless eagerness, and I intend to bring the supportiveness I’ve witnessed back home with me to share.” - Amani Ansari

Regardless of the outcome, these citizens took the stage and made it theirs. Tune in tomorrow for election results and more updates from the 51st State.

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