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Inauguration Day

After days of campaigning, inspiring the state with their speeches, and a successful whistlestop, the citizens of the 78th session of Texas Bluebonnet Girls State voted and elected their state officials. The Federalists carried the general election with a 6-3 sweep.

Governor: Kylan Denney

Lieutenant Governor: Julia Fensel

Attorney General: Sydney Fraser

Comptroller of Public Accounts: Asha Gudipaty

Land Commissioner: Sarah Anglin

Agriculture Commissioner: Grace Prosser

Railroad Commissioner: Ella Elliott

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals: Megan Thrutchley

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court: Nadia Turner

Special guest and former Girls State citizen of 1960, the Honorable Carter Casteel, delivered the Oath of Office and spoke to the entire state about changing the world around them. “Wherever you go, leave tracks. Wherever you go, make people feel good. Whatever you do as a public servant, do it well and always remember to honor yourself and honor Texas Bluebonnet Girls State.”

Congratulations to all who ran and campaigned, and congrats to the Bluebonnet Girls State elected officials of 2022!

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