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Capitol Day

As the sun rose on the 51st state, all 534 Citizens boarded buses to Austin. It was in the State Capitol that, for the final time of the 79th session, the Citizens took the House and Senate floors and presented final debate before the celebration of the Inauguration.

At noon, the House and Senate came together for a special joint session of the Bluebonnet Girls State Legislature to conduct the inauguration of state officials. The Honorable Mary Lou Keel joined us to administer the Oaths of Office and swear in our 2023 Texas Bluebonnet Girls State elected officials. Soon after, Devin Powell, Speaker of the House, and Sophia Paolo, President of the Senate, adjourned the session on the House floor.

"This session was certainly one for the records. The House of Representatives filed over 40 pieces of legislation ranging from environmental protections to education reform and beyond." - Devin Powell

In addition, Paolo noted that "we received a record 347 chairwoman applications, making it our most competitive session yet." Overall, we were thrilled and honored to give these citizens the opportunity to share their opinions in a public forum.

Citizens, as you move forward in the world know that there are thousands of women who went to Texas Bluebonnet Girls State that are with you. You have all of the tools you need to go out into your communities, state, and the world to make a difference. You will be strong, and you will be great because you're from Texas Girls State.

We'd like to thank Madison Yandell, Honorable Sarah Eckhardt, Honorable Sheryl J. Cole, Tetyana Melnyk, Honorable Dawn Buckingham, Catherine Wright-Steele, Michelle Banks, Honorable Mary Lou Keel, and Justice Evan Young for joining us at the Capitol for the Inauguration.

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