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Primary Day (Part 2)

After a whirlwind morning, all run-off elections for the state primaries are complete and the general election is underway! See below for primary election returns.

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

Federal Party - Ryland Davis, City I

National Party - Chloe Crew, City K

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals

Federal Party - Alyssa Jones, City N

National Party - Ava Dasari, City A

Railroad Commissioner

Federal Party - Ella Eavenson, City F

National Party - Meghan McNeely, City F

Agriculture Commissioner

Federal Party - Callie Grimes, City C

National Party - Maia Flores, City E

Land Commissioner

Federal Party - Megan Malmquist, City K

National Party - Amy Cao, City G

Comptroller of Public Accounts

Federal Party - Nevaeh Sage, City D

National Party - Tiffany Lowry, City G

Attorney General

Federal Party - Sofia Oliveira, City H

National Party - Adaolisa Agbakwu, City F

Lieutenant Governor

Federal Party - Sofia Esteban, City I

National Party - Dhriti Gupta, City D


Federal Party - Ha-young Kim, City J

National Party - Harmony Moore, City A

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