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City Day

With arrival day behind them, the citizens gathered first thing in the morning for a special speaker series. We were honored to hear welcoming words from Dr. Debbie Cottrell President of Texas Lutheran University, Honorable Donna Dodgen Mayor of Seguin, Commander Bret Watson of the American Legion Department of Texas, and Teresa Simmons Copeland, President of the American Legion Auxiliary Department of Texas. They emphasized the importance of civic engagement, service, and the value that the Texas Bluebonnet Girls State program has on their organizations and communities.

In an exemplary instance of what the TBGS program is all about, Dodgen shares, “as Mayor of Seguin, I’ve created a program to engage our community and give them an opportunity to be a part of the solutions that they want to see. Dogden explained that since assuming office, she has worked to create a civic engagement program influenced by Girls State.

“I was elected County judge when I attended, and what I loved about the program then is what I love now about my role as Mayor. We can work to achieve a common goal and better yet - we can do it together.”

After the opening assembly, the citizens were empowered to start filing for city offices and dive into their first legislative sessions. Whether they are Nats or Feds, in the House or the Senate, everyone was engaged and eager to learn more about starting their own form of government in this 78th session.

The speech and bill-writing workshop created one of many real-world learning opportunities for the girls. They were able to ask questions from staff to gain a better understanding of how they can make change through legislation.

We all look forward to a fun Party Day tomorrow!

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