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Final Day

After a life-changing week of learning, legislating, and sisterhood, the time has come for the Citizens to leave their 51st state. They gathered once more as Adhia Da Silva Agostinho of City F, addressed her citizens for the first time as Governor.

In her closing remarks, Agostinho said that it meant the world to be elected governor. "I'm going to run for Governor one day so this felt like I am one step closer to achieving my goal." When asked what wisdom she would like to part to future citizens of our 51st she said, "I want you to be open to this experience. Be happy and excited because this is a life changing opportunity to build sisterhood and feminism."

"I want you to be open to this experience. Be happy and excited because this is a life-changing opportunity to build sisterhood and feminism." - Adhia Da Silva Agostinho, Governor of the 80th Session of Texas Bluebonnet Girls State

The session would not have been possible if not for the 80+ women that came together from all across this state and country to make Girls State a reality. Our staff is comprised entirely of unpaid volunteers who have donated their time, energy, and passion for government to continually making TBGS the best that it can be. We are so grateful to all of them for their dedication to this program, and we know that you've enjoyed working with them.

After announcing our Outstanding Citizens, Director Lori Swann announced the delegates to Girls Nation. This year, Bluebonnet Girls State will send Alex Hant from City G and Contessa Barron from City K to represent TBGS later this summer at our Nation's Capitol. Anjy Fadairo and Saanvi Mylavarapu from City F will serve as alternates.

As the closing ceremony concluded with a final chorus of the Big 3, hugs broke out among the Citizens and staff, tears were wiped away, and smiles shone through as we were reminded how our lives have been forever changed.

We'd like to thank each member of the TBGS 2024 staff, every ALA member that works to make Girls State happen, TLU, all our guest speakers, and each citizen from the 80th session.

Citizens, as you move forward in the world know that there are thousands of women who went to Texas Bluebonnet Girls State that are with you. You have all the tools you need to go out into your communities, state, and the world to make a difference. You will be strong, and you will be great because you're from Texas Girls State.

Congratulations to the now-former citizens of the 80th Bluebonnet session! Whether you ran for an elected position, spent hours crafting legislation, or assisted in the campaigns of others, your efforts left their mark on the 51st state. We are so proud of you and can’t wait to see the wonderful things you accomplish in the future as an alumni of TBGS. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram to stay connected to the 51st state!


City A: Chloe Wilkin
City B: Ariel De Walt
City C: Riya Sengupta
City D: Desarea Zuniga
City E: Skye Energy Gibbs
City F: Sarah Miller
City G: Deborah Garza
City H: Lydia Salami
City I: Tatum Hapes
City J: Lucy Walker
City K: Vivian Waldrop
City L: Cadence Dornak
City M: Katelyn Landolt
City N: Bareera Saif
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