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Final Day

On June 19, 2022 Texas Bluebonnet Girls State opened its arms and welcomed over 500 young women to the mythical 51st state. After a transformative week of education, inspiration, and sisterhood, citizens will return to their homes all across the state of Texas.

At our opening ceremony, Director Lori Swann informed citizens that instead of asking “why don’t they do something about that ,” our program teaches that we must face the challenge of “what can I do about that?” It is our sincere hope that each citizen learned this great lesson and takes home with them the motivation to make change in their communities through what they’ve learned at Texas Bluebonnet Girls State.

Upon her Inauguration, Governor Kylan Denner encouraged her constituents to chase their dreams because they are always worth the chase. She closed by reminding everyone “find yourself in the service of others and you’ll never be lost again.”

Your time here at Texas Girls State is up, but don’t let your efforts stop here. Nationalist Governor nominee Ara Odelowo put it perfectly, “Even though my Senior Counselor Hillary Everts preached YOGSO (You Only Girls State Once), I believe that we shouldn’t only Girls State once - we should take the principles and lessons that we’ve learned back to our communities and become more involved and encourage others to do so as well.”

Congratulations to the “former” citizens of the 78th Bluebonnet session! Whether you ran for an elected position, spent hours crafting legislation, or assisted in the campaigns of others, your efforts left their mark on the 51st mythical state. We’re so proud of you and can’t wait to see the wonderful things you accomplish in the future as an alumni of TBGS.

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