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Primary Day

Today was an eventful day for our mythical 51st State! After flag raising, Citizens hosted City Council meetings and each city enacted their own ordinances. Building ordinances specific to each City's needs always gets the girls into the TBGS spirit and this year was no different.

Once the ordinances were in order, the ladies came together as the House and Senate convened once again. With only two days left to submit legislation and debate, things are certainly heating up in the legislature.

The Federal Party won the coin toss at the end of the state party meetings Tuesday night, meaning the Federal Party gathered for state primary speeches first. National Party Citizens assembled in their respective counties to hear candidates for county offices, before the two parties swapped. National and Federal Party spirit was on full display, and the girls took detailed notes on the campaign speeches they heard.

Prior to voting, all Citizens and staff gathered for the traditional Bluebonnet Girls State Flag Ceremony. As we left the gym, the sky darkened and the Texas heat finally threatened to break -- as all the citizens were safely in their counties for voting, the storm began! While we stayed safe in place, Citizens and Staff were great sports and passed the time with trivia, fun photos, songs, and snacks...but the delay meant we weren't able to conduct runoffs and have shuffled the schedule to do runoffs and announce primary results on Thursday morning.

Stay tuned!

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