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Primary Day

Today was a big day for our mythical 51st State! All across the campus, citizens hosted City Council meetings and enacted a variety of ordinances that truly got them into the TBGS spirit. Cate Ghormley, Senior Counselor of the City L Lobsters, gave us insight into why City Council meetings are her favorite.

“These meetings bring so much life into the city and they really determine the character and philosophy of what our city can become. There’s a certain kind of magic that happens in the city, similar to the real world, it starts from the ground up - locally in your community.” - Cate

Later in the day, the ladies came to order and the House and Senate convened once again. Citizens presented bills addressing everything from improving environmentally friendly infrastructure ​​to decreasing the number of state standardized tests (STAAR) required per year. With only two days left to submit legislation and debate, things are certainly heating up in the legislature.

Later in the day, citizens assembled in their respective counties to hear candidates campaign for county and state offices. After a night of runoffs and successful campaigns, we look forward to General Election returns tomorrow. More thrilling updates and reports from the 78th session to come!

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