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Party Day


We kicked off another great day at Girls State with our first official flag raising, and moved straight into filing for office, campaign preparation, and lively House and Senate sessions. The House and Senate convened twice today, giving the girls ample opportunities to submit legislation and kick off debate. Tomorrow will see debate on a wide variety of topics and we’re looking forward to the girls defending their positions in a formal debate.

Filing for county, state, and party offices began this morning and the Ed Room was absolutely bustling as citizens explored the possibilities and made their bids. Locally, the citizens made big moves in establishing their own mythical political parties by electing precinct and county chairs, discussing issues they're passionate about, and uniting to vote on their Party officials. The halls and walls were covered from top to bottom with posters from candidates from every city.

In the midst of the elections Clacey Core, our National Party sponsor, said that she was thrilled to see the Citizens excitement in applying their new knowledge of local government. "I was so happy to see the Citizens incorporate what they learned from their cities and counties into their State Party speeches!" Our Federal Party sponsor, Halle Fouch, said that she had several favorite moments from the evening. One of them was when a candidate for Federal Party House Whip, described how she never thought too much about using gendered language in her everyday life. "Then I thought of how I would feel when people called me 'a congresswoman' and I couldn't stop thinking about how great that would be."

Whether Nat or Fed, blue or red, it was a great day to be at Girls State. We look forward to having more citizens run for office, give their speeches, debate bills, and more as the 2023 session of TBGS continues. Check out the elected State Party Officials below and great job to all citizens who ran!

Federal Party:

Party Chair - Maansi Prasad

Vice Chair - Anna Biggins

House Whip - Zoe Costanza

Senate Whip - Maya Granoff

National Party:

Party Chair - Angelina Tamez

Vice Chair - June Kim

House Whip - Kaitlyn Mount

Senate Whip - Ananya Sankaran

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