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Party Day

Hip hip hooray, it’s Party day! Campaigns have officially kicked off and the citizens made big moves by electing precinct and county chairs, before uniting to vote on their Party officials. The halls and walls were covered from top to bottom with posters from candidates all over Girls State as the citizens continued to run for offices in the Precinct, City, and Party.

After two days of learning and preparation, the House and Senate convened and the girls submitted their bills for legislation. Tomorrow’s sessions will see debate on a wide variety of topics and we’re looking forward to the girls defending their positions in a formal debate.

Nat Party Sponsor Maisey Martinez said she could see the energy in the room and loved the one-on-one connections she made today. “Each of the girls worked to carefully craft their speeches and individually inspired the entire party. Regardless of the fact that they were competing candidates, each person supported the other.”

At the nearby Fed convention, Party Sponsor Kari Petersen was moved by the camaraderie of the group. “I love how encouraging everyone was for those who gave speeches and ran for Party positions. It was so great seeing everyone pumped for Party day and we have so much to look forward to.”

Whether Nat or Fed, blue or red, it was a great day to be at Girls State! We look forward to having more citizens run for office, give their speeches, debate bills, and more as the 2022 session of TBGS continues!

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